HOLTON Farkas H179 Double French Horn

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The HOLTON Farkas H179 Double French Horn is the flagship model of the Holton brand, recognized as the best choice in our catalog. It offers a rich and powerful sound, impeccable accuracy, and great versatility for demanding musicians. A professional-quality instrument cherished by many artists.

The HOLTON Farkas H179 Double Horn is the result of extensive research on air centering and projection, offering a freer play than its predecessor, the H178. With its dark and voluminous sound, it is appreciated by musicians worldwide.

The grandiose quality bell of the H179 allows for exceptional development and nuance in tone. It offers remarkable sound versatility, capable of producing both light and heavier sounds. Made in the USA with high-quality materials, this model is entirely made of nickel silver, contributing to its distinctive sound.

The large bore of the H179 promotes quick response and precise accuracy, allowing musicians to express themselves with ease. The string linkages ensure reliable mechanics and smooth piston action.

Recognized as the best-selling Farkas model of the HOLTON brand, the H179 is a preferred choice for professionals and advanced students. Its unique combination of dark sound, impressive volume, and ease of play makes it a versatile instrument suitable for all music styles and demands.

Opt for the excellence of the HOLTON Farkas H179 and discover an internationally renowned instrument that pushes the boundaries of your musicality.