YAMAHA YHR 314 II F Single French Horn

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The Yamaha YHR 314 II F Single French Horn offers remarkable accuracy and consistency. Thanks to its advanced technical design, this instrument ensures a precise and balanced response, allowing musicians to express themselves with confidence and finesse. A reliable choice.

The Yamaha YHR 314 II is an F Single French Horn model that offers a rich, warm, and balanced sound. Made in China, this instrument is ideal for beginners who wish to develop their musical ear and playing technique.

Equipped with standard rotors and a yellow brass bell, the YHR 314 II offers great flexibility in playing and optimal comfort. Its 0.472-inch (12 mm) bore allows for precise intonation across the entire range, enabling the player to explore different registers with ease.

Thanks to its advanced technical design, this Yamaha single horn guarantees a quick and precise response, giving musicians great control over their musical expression. Whether for studies, ensemble rehearsals, or solo performances, the YHR 314 II meets the expectations of the most demanding horn players.

Lightweight and easy to handle, this single horn is also appreciated for its well-thought-out ergonomics. Horn players will find a comfortable grip, allowing for smooth and effortless execution.

The medium-sized bell of the YHR 314 II contributes to the instrument's sound projection, offering optimal presence and sound reach. Its rich and full sound allows for exploring a wide range of musical expressions, whether in classical, jazz, or contemporary repertoire.