CONN 62HI Bass Trombone

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The CONN 62HI, a technical and versatile bass trombone. With its B♭/F/D/G♭ configuration and dual independent rotors, it offers great playing flexibility. Perfect for musicians seeking a rich sound and precise response across all ranges.

The CONN 62HI Bass Trombone is a world-renowned instrument cherished by professional musicians. With its superb finish and round, broad sound, it is the ideal tool for the demands of the symphonic orchestra.

Made in the USA with exceptional attention to detail, the CONN 62HI Bass Trombone boasts remarkable build quality. The dual independent rotors allow for precise response and optimal ease of play in all registers.

The 0.562-inch (14.27 mm) bore ensures perfect intonation and great sound flexibility. The 9-inch (229 mm) rose brass bell, hand-hammered, adds tonal richness and exceptional projection to the instrument.

A unique feature of the CONN 62HI Bass Trombone is the ability to use four interchangeable leadpipes. This allows the musician to customize their response and tone according to their preferences and specific musical requirements.

Whether for virtuosic solos, expressive melodic lines, or powerful ensemble parts, the CONN 62HI Bass Trombone meets the highest expectations. Its perfect balance between technical precision, sound projection, and aesthetic beauty makes it an essential choice.

Whether you are an experienced trombonist or a musician in search of a superior quality instrument, the CONN 62HI Bass Trombone offers an unparalleled musical experience. Its versatile character, reliability, and exceptional response make it a trusted companion on stage and in the studio.

Join the tradition of excellence with CONN and discover the CONN 62HI Bass Trombone. Prepare to explore new sounds, push your musical limits, and express your art with unmatched precision and beauty.