CONN 62H Bass Trombone

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The CONN 62H Bass Trombone is a superior-quality instrument cherished by discerning musicians. Featuring a Bb/F/D configuration and dual independent rotors, this trombone offers extensive tonal flexibility and excellent response. Its ingenious design and quality craftsmanship make it an ideal choice for demanding trombonists.

The CONN 62H Bass Trombone is an extremely popular model. Boasting a superb finish and an exceptionally round and broad sound, it is ideal for symphonic orchestra performances.

Carefully crafted in the USA, this trombone features dual independent rotors, providing great flexibility across different tones. Its .562-inch (14.27 mm) bore allows for excellent response and remarkable ease of play.

The bell of the CONN 62H Bass Trombone, measuring 9.5 inches (241 mm) in diameter, is made from a single piece of rose brass and hand-hammered to ensure exceptional sound quality and optimal projection.

A unique feature of this model is the ability to interchange three leadpipes, offering additional flexibility to tailor the sound and playing comfort to the musician's individual preferences.

With its warm and deep tone, the CONN 62H Bass Trombone is favored by professional trombonists and advanced students. Its precision, ease of play, and quick response make it a preferred choice for solos, ensemble parts, and technically demanding passages.

The CONN 62H Bass Trombone is the ideal choice for musicians seeking a versatile instrument, offering a rich sound and excellent playability. Its balance between tradition and innovation makes it an essential instrument for passionate trombonists.