CONN 36H Symphony Alto Trombone

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The CONN 36H Symphony Alto Trombone is a coveted American standard among professional musicians. Tuned in Eb/Bb, this highly popular model in the USA delivers exceptional sound quality and precise technical performance. A truly reliable choice.

This premium quality CONN 36H trombone is meticulously crafted in the USA with a keen attention to detail.

The trombone features a dual bore of .491/.500 inches, offering remarkable tonal versatility. Its 7-inch bell, made from a single piece and hand-hammered, ensures powerful sound projection and precise response.

The hard chrome-plated nickel-silver inner slides ensure a smooth and enduring action, allowing musicians to express their creativity unhindered.

To ensure optimal protection, the trombone comes with a sturdy wooden case, providing maximum security during transportation. The lacquer finish gives the instrument an elegant look and protects it from external elements.

The CONN 36H Complete Symphony Alto Trombone is a sound choice for solo, orchestral, or ensemble performances. Its exceptional build quality and remarkable sound make it a preferred instrument among trombonists worldwide.

Experience the power, precision, and versatility of the CONN 36H Complete Symphony Alto Trombone, and explore new sonic possibilities for your musical play.