KING Legend 2B Bb Tenor Trombone

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The KING Legend 2B single trombone is an ideal choice for jazz soloists. With its small bore, it offers a quick and precise response, allowing great agility in high registers. Its warm and bright timbre makes it a preferred instrument for solo performances. Discover the jazz legend with KING.

The KING Legend 2B single trombone is a staple in the world of jazz.

Known for its exceptional sound projection and ease of play, it is widely used on international stages.

Featuring a dual bore and a hand-hammered brass bell, it offers a warm and dark sound characteristic of the jazz style.

Although the manufacturing quality has declined compared to older models, it remains a popular choice for its sound balance and playability.

However, it may lack sound amplitude compared to concert single trombones.

Discover the jazz legend with the KING Legend 2B single trombone, an instrument that will accompany you in your musical performances.

Made in the USA, it carries the prestige and heritage of the King brand, known for its quality and reliability in the jazz world.