SCHAGERL Dione Flugelhorn

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A very jazzy sound, round with superb projection. Played by Roman Rindberger of Mnozil Brass !

The SCHAGERL Dione Flugelhorn offers perfect tuning and a sound that is both classical and brilliant. Crafted with excellent artisan quality, this instrument is a top choice for demanding musicians.

Its 150 mm (5.91 inches) yellow brass bell enables exceptional sound projection, offering remarkable clarity and brilliance. The conical 10.6/11 mm yellow brass leadpipe contributes to creating a soft and focused sound, appreciated by both jazz soloists and classical orchestra musicians.

The heavy valve casing ensures precise response and smooth action, thus offering optimal ease of play. The Dione Flugelhorn allows musicians to express themselves with great expressiveness and balanced sound.

Thanks to its yellow brass leadpipe, this flugelhorn delivers a clear sound rich in harmonics, enabling soloists to express themselves with finesse and nuance. Additionally, the instrument's lightness facilitates playing and allows the musician to fully concentrate on their performance.

The SCHAGERL Dione Flugelhorn is an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile instrument, capable of adapting to different musical styles, whether in a jazz context or within a classical orchestra. Its characteristic timbre and exemplary artisan craftsmanship make it a prime choice for discerning musicians.