YAMAHA YTS 82 Z II Tenor Saxophone

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The YAMAHA YTS 82 Z II Tenor Saxophone is a high-end instrument designed to provide a powerful and expressive sound. With its lacquered brass body, it ensures great playability and easy projection. It's ideal for demanding musicians in search of a rich and balanced sound.

The YAMAHA YTS 82 Z II Tenor Saxophone is a premium instrument made in Japan, offering a powerful and expressive sound, as well as easy playability for delicate passages. This Custom Z version has been meticulously designed to meet the highest demands of the most discerning musicians.

The overall design of the Custom Z has been thoughtfully redesigned and re-evaluated, from the neck to the bell, to deliver exceptional sound across all registers. The one-piece bell, hand-engraved, provides a stunning finish and offers greater flexibility across all registers. The pads with metal resonators ensure a better response and an extended dynamic range.

The V1 neck, the widest among Yamaha's Custom necks, endows it with a broader sound opening and a vast dynamic range. The new mechanism for the low B to C# key ensures a smooth and precise action for the low C# key. The lighter thumb rest plates for both right and left hands ensure a more accurate response. The adjustable front F key allows musicians to fine-tune the key's opening degree to their individual preferences.

This tenor saxophone boasts numerous advantages. Its expansive sound and top-tier mechanics provide impeccable tuning for the most demanding musicians. However, there are areas that could be improved, such as intonation and accuracy in the higher registers, as well as the instrument's overall dynamism. Some might also find the price a bit steep.

In conclusion, the YAMAHA YTS 82 Z II Tenor Saxophone is a premium instrument, delivering an unparalleled sound, high-performance mechanics, and impeccable tuning for the most discerning musicians. While there are areas that could be enhanced, this tenor saxophone stands out as an excellent choice for professional musicians seeking a top-tier instrument.