GETZEN Custom 3895 Flugelhorn

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The GETZEN Custom 3895 is a truly remarkable instrument for discerning musicians. With magnificent projection and exceptional tonal width, this flugelhorn offers an unparalleled playing experience. Additionally, its pistons are guaranteed for life, ensuring optimal reliability and ease of play.

The GETZEN Custom 3895 is a technical marvel in the world of flugelhorns. Drawing from the features of the professional CUSTOM trumpets, Getzen has crafted a small bore flugelhorn that provides exceptional ease of play. Unlike other Getzen flugelhorns, the model 3895 distinguishes itself with its silver-plated nickel silver bore, delivering astonishing playability.

This flugelhorn is designed for those seeking extraordinary mechanics and unmatched playability. Its characteristic flugelhorn sound is present, and its sound projection is the best in its range. The mechanics, true to Getzen's reputation, are of high quality. Sound emission is clear and direct, allowing the musician to express themselves fully.

However, it's worth noting that the GETZEN Custom 3895 Flugelhorn has a look that may not perfectly align with a "jazz" style. Additionally, it may pose challenges in the high registers, requiring some mastery of the instrument.

Manufactured in the United States, this flugelhorn embodies Getzen's commitment to excellence and quality. Its innovative design and ease of play make it an ideal choice for musicians looking to refine their technique. Whether you are a professional or a passionate enthusiast, the GETZEN Custom 3895 Flugelhorn will captivate you with its exceptional performance and outstanding playability.