JUPITER JFH 1100 Flugelhorn

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The JUPITER JFH 1100 Flugelhorn is an instrument that combines precision and performance. With its perfect intonation and standard trigger, it offers an optimal musical experience. Its meticulous finish and reliable mechanics make it an ideal choice for amateur or beginner musicians.

The JUPITER JFH1100R Flugelhorn is a technically advanced, high-performing entry-level instrument that pushes the boundaries of sound quality.

Thanks to its new manufacturing process, it offers a precise thickness of the bell wall, ensuring a warm and rich sound.

The use of rose brass for the bell and yellow brass for the body, combined with nickel silver outer tubes and monel pistons, ensures exceptional durability.

The three water keys and the trigger system on the third piston allow for impeccable playability.

Manufactured by Jupiter in Taiwan, this flugelhorn features an 11.68 mm (0.46 inch) bore and a 152 mm (6 inch) bell.

The yellow brass leadpipe, the rose brass bell brace, and the mother-of-pearl-like piston buttons add an elegant aesthetic touch.

Delivered with a mouthpiece and accessories, as well as a Jupiter Deluxe case, this flugelhorn is well-built, carefully finished, and presents a beautiful appearance at the bell. Its excellent value for money makes it an essential choice for amateur musicians. Its high-performance sound accuracy offers an optimal playing experience.

However, its sound is smaller, less broad, and softer than that of a professional flugelhorn, which may limit its sound projection in certain situations.

Despite this, the JUPITER JFH1100R remains a quality instrument that will meet the expectations of musicians looking for a reliable and high-performing flugelhorn at an affordable price.