SCHAGERL Wien 2021 Rotary Trumpet

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The Schagerl Wien 2021 Rotary Valve Trumpet was completely reworked in collaboration with Matthias Kernstock, principal trumpeter of the Vienna Symphony, to celebrate Schagerl's 60th anniversary. The "WIEN" model benefits from improvements that perfect the proven sound concept of Schagerl instruments.

The Wien 2021 trumpet is the result of meticulous work and offers precise response in all registers, excellent intonation, and the distinctive Schagerl sound, which is even richer on this model. Its name pays homage to the legendary Viennese model "W-2001," developed 20 years ago by Robert Schagerl in collaboration with renowned trumpeter Hans Gansch.

At the heart of this trumpet lies the precision rotary valve block, entirely manufactured by Schagerl using advanced CNC techniques, used since 2010 in all rotary valve trumpet models.

Each instrument is crafted according to the latest knowledge, combining traditional handcrafting with cutting-edge tools, ensuring extreme precision and quality. Before leaving the workshop, each instrument undergoes a rigorous quality control process.

The Schagerl Wien 2021 trumpet is available in Bb and C, featuring a rose brass bell with a diameter of 5.12 inches (130 mm) and a thickness of 0.018 inches (0.45 mm), an ML rotary valve block, and a yellow brass leadpipe. These high-quality components contribute to the exceptional sound quality and ease of play of this trumpet.

By choosing the Schagerl Wien 2021 trumpet, you are opting for an instrument that meets the highest quality standards. Its distinctive timbre, precise finish, and our company's expertise make it an exceptional choice for demanding musicians. Discover the perfection of the Schagerl Wien 2021 and enjoy a trustworthy instrument.

Please note that technical specifications may vary depending on the model and configuration.