STOMVI Titan Brass Band Flugelhorn

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The Titan Brass Band Flugelhorn is the ideal instrument for Brass Band musicians seeking powerful sound and exceptional projection. With its large sound volume, incredible projection, and even, heavy timbre, this orchestral flugelhorn allows you to shine in your ensemble. A true benchmark for orchestral music enthusiasts and Brass Band aficionados.

Discover the STOMVI Titan Brass Band Flugelhorn, a technical and powerful instrument specifically designed for Brass Band musicians. Featuring a small bore and a 6.69-inch (170 mm) goldbrass bell with a flat rim, this flugelhorn offers impressive projection and a broad sound spectrum. Its balanced sound, blending brightness and warmth, makes it an ideal choice for large ensembles, orchestras, jazz, and of course, Brass Band.

Crafted in Spain with meticulous attention to detail, this flugelhorn features an S bore of 0.417 inches (10.60 mm), a French-style bell with a flat rim, and a body in silver-plated nickel silver. The black anodized titanium top and bottom caps enhance the instrument's durability and performance. Additionally, the direct air column and the third-slide trigger provide precise and easy response for musicians.

The STOMVI Titan Brass Band Flugelhorn offers numerous advantages. Its impressive sound volume and breathtaking projection allow you to stand out during performances. The impeccable build quality ensures exceptional reliability and durability. Its even, warm, and round timbre is perfectly suited for playing jazz solo or in a group, as well as for the specific demands of the Brass Band.

However, it is important to note that this flugelhorn requires some physical effort from the musician due to its design and size. However, this aspect is often offset by the outstanding sonic performance and results it delivers.