SCHILKE P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet

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The SCHILKE P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet, an undisputed reference, stands out for its remarkable flexibility and ease of play. This technical marvel, the best choice in our catalog, offers musicians an exceptional musical experience. Discover the unique sound of this trumpet and let your talent shine with this true reference.

The SCHILKE P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet, the best-selling model worldwide, is a true technical gem. Its reputation as a reference is well-deserved. With an exceptionally fine sound, it offers superb projection and unparalleled playing comfort, surpassing current market standards.

This trumpet features a medium bore of 0.450 inches (11.42 mm) and a red brass bell with a diameter of 4 inches (101.60 mm), with a No. 8 taper. Its silver-plated finish gives it a remarkable aesthetic.

The advantages of the SCHILKE P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet are numerous. First, it is extremely easy to play, offering effortless emission. The sound quality is excellent, producing a very fine tone. Additionally, the valve action is superb, ensuring quick and precise response. Finally, the finish of this trumpet is outstanding, showcasing its 100% handcrafted construction.

However, a few points should be noted for a complete evaluation. Firstly, no case is included with the instrument, which may require a separate purchase. Additionally, this trumpet can be very focused in the extreme high registers, requiring advanced technical mastery. Finally, it is important to note the absence of triggers, which may be considered a drawback for some musicians.

The SCHILKE P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet is undeniably the benchmark in terms of construction, design, and sound. This classic model offers exceptional intonation and remarkable consistency across the entire range. Preferred by professional orchestral musicians and soloists worldwide, the P5-4 embodies the excellence of the piccolo trumpet.