GETZEN Custom 3916 Piccolo Trumpet

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The GETZEN Custom 3916 Piccolo Trumpet offers exceptional precision and centered sound. With its superb mechanics, this instrument is designed for demanding musicians. Its design and superior craftsmanship ensure an optimal playing experience.

The GETZEN Custom 3916 Piccolo Trumpet is a true gem in our lineup. Offering the best value for money, it is designed for discerning musicians seeking great precision and exceptional sound.

This trumpet features hand-lapped, nickel-plated, and silver-plated precision steel valves, which ensure unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness. The valves, renowned as the best in the world, offer exceptional durability and are guaranteed for life. With them, you benefit from unmatched precision in every note played.

The yellow brass leadpipe also contributes to the instrument's sound quality.

The two-piece, hand-hammered bell adds an extra dimension to the sound of this trumpet. Its rose brass construction provides a rich and warm timbre, ideal for solo or ensemble performances.

Among the advantages of the GETZEN Custom 3916 are a rich timbre, warm sound thanks to the rose brass bell, quick response, and precise, efficient valve action. These features allow musicians to express themselves with great expressiveness and ease of emission.

However, it should be noted that this piccolo trumpet may present some difficulties in the high registers due to its specific nature. Additional practice and mastery may be required to fully explore the potential of this exceptional instrument.

The GETZEN Custom 3916 Piccolo Trumpet is the perfect choice for musicians seeking a high-quality piccolo trumpet, offering exceptional precision and remarkable sound. Its refined design, high-quality craftsmanship, and sound performance make it an instrument of choice for passionate and professional musicians.