SCHAGERL Superbone Bb/F Tenor Trombone

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The musical monster, the SCHAGERL Superbone Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Valves. An extraordinary instrument, designed with Schagerl's unmatched craftsmanship. Dive into the world of versatility and innovation !

At the request of multi-instrumentalist James Morrison, in search of an instrument offering an expanded range of tones while being easy to play, Schagerl developed this valve trombone in its own workshop.

In 2012, Schagerl Music GmbH was awarded the prestigious Karl Ritter von Ghega Innovation Prize at the Cityhotel D&C in St Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria. This award is given annually by the Chamber of Commerce to the best entrepreneurs in the region. In the "Business to Customer" category, the Schagerl music store won this victory, with its instruments being played worldwide: in major symphony orchestras, by exceptional soloists, renowned ensembles, as well as in brass bands and music schools.

The SCHAGERL Superbone Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Valves stands out with its 220 mm (8.66 inches) brass bell and a bore size of 13.33 mm (0.525 inches). This unique combination offers exceptional response and sound projection. The instrument has been designed to meet the demands of the most discerning musicians, offering unprecedented flexibility and an extended range of tonal colors.

Thanks to its innovative valve system, the Superbone allows for a smooth transition between the traditional slide trombone and the piston trumpet. This versatility enables musicians to explore new musical horizons and express their creativity without limits.

The SCHAGERL Superbone Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Valves embodies excellence in design, manufacturing, and sound quality. Every detail has been meticulously considered to offer an unparalleled playing experience. Whether you are a soloist, an orchestral musician, or a music enthusiast, the Superbone takes you to new musical heights.

Be captivated by the power, versatility, and exceptional quality of the SCHAGERL Superbone Bb/F Tenor Trombone with Valves. Discover an extraordinary instrument that pushes the boundaries of musical performance.