STOMVI Titan Corno Da Caccia

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The STOMVI Titan Corno Da Caccia, of European origin, embodies the historical heritage of hunting horns used in bands and royal ceremonies. With superb construction and magnificent sound, it is considered the best corno da caccia to date. Discover the power and elegance of this unique instrument.

The STOMVI Titan Corno Da Caccia is a technical and powerful instrument with remarkable specifications. Featuring a bore size of 0.462 inches and a bell size of 7 inches (approximately 178 mm) in Bellflex (annealed yellow brass), Gold brass, or red brass, it offers an exceptional sound quality.

The yellow brass rotors and silver-finished caps ensure high precision and rapid articulation, allowing for clear and precise attacks. Its careful ergonomics provide comfortable and efficient playability for musicians.

The STOMVI Titan range stands out for its connection with tradition, while constantly evolving. Thanks to the extensive research of the STOMVI team, the Titan range instruments offer a sound rich in nuances and an expanded resonance of harmonics, approaching the colors of the flute, oboe, and even the human voice.

The combination of acoustic science and decades of experience has enabled STOMVI to design instruments that are balanced in terms of intonation, with a full, well-timbered sound and maximum projection. STOMVI brass instruments are known for their playing comfort, thanks to the blend of high technology and traditional craftsmanship.

The STOMVI Titan Corno Da Caccia, available in a 1000‰ silver-plated finish, is also available on order in gold-plated or raw finish. This instrument embodies power and precision, offering musicians an exceptional musical experience.