STOMVI Titan Cinco Double French Horn

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The STOMVI Titan Cinco Double French Horn offers exceptional mechanics and high-end craftsmanship. Its innovative paddle system, entirely designed by Stomvi, ensures optimal performance. It combines precision, versatility, and an exceptional sound quality.

The STOMVI Titan Cinco Double French Horn is the culmination of over 30 years of Stomvi's expertise in brass instrument manufacturing. This high-end professional horn is the result of meticulous research and development conducted by Vicente Honorato’s team.

The fundamental principles of the Stomvi Titan are based on elegance, finish, precision, and design. These horns are truly unique gems in the market. However, their real strength lies in their authentic sound, offering unmatched performance compared to other similar horns.

Professional musicians will be captivated by the magnificence and richness of the STOMVI Titan's sound. This exceptional instrument transports you into a rich and captivating sound universe.

Crafted in Spain with meticulous attention to detail, the STOMVI Titan Cinco features top-tier characteristics. Its bore of 0.476 inches (approximately 12.1 mm) ensures a quick and precise response. The rose brass leadpipe and yellow brass body offer a harmonious combination for a balanced sound.

The bell, available in different options such as yellow brass Bellflex, gold brass rose, or red copper bell, adds a touch of personality to the instrument.

The yellow brass rotor chambers and high-quality rotors ensure smooth and reliable operation. Additionally, the adjustable thumb hook and Kruspe system allow for a personalized adaptation to each musician's preferences.