STOMVI Titan Brass Band Cornet

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The STOMVI Titan Brass Band Cornet is acclaimed by professional musicians and recommended by the prestigious Brass Band magazine 4barsrest. Featuring advanced technical design, this cornet offers powerful and precise sound, ideal for the musical demands of Brass Band ensembles. Its design and build quality make it a must-have choice for passionate musicians.

The STOMVI Titan Brass Band Cornet is a prestigious instrument distinguished by its exceptional craftsmanship and finish. As a newcomer to the brass band scene, it has quickly won over professional musicians with its warm, round, and powerful tone.

Made in Spain, the Titan cornet offers several bell options, each suited to different repertoires. The Bellflex bell provides a brilliant sound and excellent projection, ideal for wind orchestra or brass ensemble performances. The gold brass bell offers better dynamics in the mid-range and pianissimos, maintaining a brilliant yet less pronounced sound color. The red brass bell is particularly suited for brass bands, with a round, warm tone and broader sound volume.

With a large bore of 0.464 inches (11.78 mm) and titanium valves, the Titan cornet guarantees incredible projection and phenomenal playing power. Its intonation is superb, and it is finely tuned, offering a highly satisfying playing experience.

There are a few points to consider with the Titan cornet. Due to its large bore, it may be slightly less flexible, and using it with a red brass bell may require some adaptation in terms of playing. However, these aspects are outweighed by its many advantages, including the variety of available bells, its superb finish, and high-quality mechanics.