STOMVI Titan Brass Band Soprano Cornet

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The STOMVI Titan Brass Band Eb Cornet, available in Bellflex or rose brass, is an exceptional instrument. With a silver-plated finish, it offers a rich and balanced sound. Its unparalleled precision and ease of play, combined with powerful projection, make it an ideal choice for demanding musicians. A high-quality cornet designed for high-level performances.

The STOMVI Titan Brass Band Eb Cornet, made in Spain, is a top choice for discerning musicians. With its medium bore of 0.453 inches (11.5 mm) and medium bell of 4.49 inches (114 mm), it offers remarkable versatility. You can choose from three bells: Bellflex, Goldbrass (recommended), and Copper.

The Bellflex bell provides a brilliant sound, ideal for classical orchestra or wind ensembles. The Goldbrass bell offers a more velvety and homogeneous sound, perfectly suited for Brass Band style. Our favorite is the Rose Brass bell, which produces a dark and heavy tone, ideal for brass band formations.

This cornet stands out for its perfect intonation, making it one of the few soprano cornets on the market to offer such precision. Its finish and mechanics are of exceptional quality, ensuring superior durability and reliability.

Thanks to its meticulous construction and advanced technical design, the STOMVI Titan Brass Band Eb Cornet offers remarkable ease of play. Musicians will appreciate its quick response, powerful projection, and ability to produce subtle nuances.

Whether you are a professional musician or a passionate amateur, this cornet will accompany you in all your musical endeavors. Its rich tone, tonal balance, and adaptability to different musical styles make it a versatile and inspiring choice.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a STOMVI Titan Brass Band Eb Cornet, an exceptional instrument that will allow you to push your musical limits and fully blossom as a musician.