BUFFET CRAMPON 400 Serie Tenor Saxophone

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The Buffet Crampon 400 Series Tenor Saxophone offers a warm and powerful sound, perfect for experienced musicians. With its ergonomic keys and high-quality finish, this instrument ensures great playability and exceptional durability.

The Buffet Crampon 400 Series Tenor Saxophone is the new intermediate range from the famous French brand. Designed for the advanced student to the professional saxophonist, this series benefits from Buffet Crampon's expertise in crafting high-quality musical instruments.

The 400 Series is available in a brushed "Vintage" finish, which gives it an elegant and refined look. The carefully hand-engraved detailing on the instrument adds an extra touch of sophistication.

This series is characterized by excellent homogeneity and a beautiful sound that meets Buffet Crampon's demanding technical criteria. This warm and powerful sound is ideal for experienced musicians who are looking for an instrument capable of producing a wide range of tones, allowing them to explore both jazz and classical styles.

The response of the 400 Series is very good in the high and low registers, giving the saxophonist great flexibility and the ability to explore a wide range of sounds. The instrument's ergonomic keys are designed for easy playability, allowing the saxophonist to play for long hours without getting tired.

The Buffet Crampon 400 Series Tenor Saxophone is a high-quality instrument that embodies French tradition and offers excellent value for money.