B&S Stölzing Bb Tenor Trombone

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The B&S Stölzing Bb Tenor Trombone, equipped with a one-piece tuning slide, offers exceptional ease of emission and quick response. Its advanced technical design ensures a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.

The "Meistersinger" trombones, made in Germany, are renowned for their build quality and sound. Featuring long stockings, they provide a smooth slide action and remarkable stability in the 7th position. The 13.89 mm (0.546 inch) bore and 230 mm (9.06 inch) bell contribute to a broad, homogeneous, and well-filled sound.

The brass slide with a nickel-silver interior ensures optimal durability and resistance. The rose brass bell gives an elegant aesthetic and contributes to a powerful sound projection. However, it should be noted that the lacquered finish can be fragile and requires special attention to avoid scratches and oxidation.

The "Meistersinger" trombones come with a lightweight backpack case, making them easy to transport.

While the build quality is generally high, it is important to note that reliability may vary due to the quality of the metals used.

Professional trombonists and demanding amateurs will appreciate the technical and sound performances of the "Meistersinger" trombones. Their broad sound, precise response, and smooth slide action make these instruments ideal choices for soloists, chamber music ensembles, orchestras, and brass bands.