EASTMAN 560 S Bb/C Trumpet

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The Bb and C Trumpet EASTMAN 560 S is the ultimate instrument for passionate enthusiasts. With exceptional quality and unparalleled versatility, this trumpet can meet all musical needs. Enjoy an unmatched musical experience with this semi-professional instrument at an affordable price.

The Bb and C Trumpet EASTMAN 560 S is the perfect instrument for music lovers seeking a versatile and high-quality trumpet.

Its main advantage lies in its innovative design, offering a dedicated bell for each key (Bb and C) as well as a specific set of slides.

This configuration allows for precise tuning and perfect intonation, enabling you to explore new keys and fully express your musical creativity.

Whether you want to play pieces in Bb or C, this trumpet provides an optimal playing experience, with a rich and balanced sound in both keys.

The monel pistons ensure a quick and smooth response, while the nickel-plated slides allow for precise and durable adjustments.

The silver-plated finish gives this instrument an elegant and professional aesthetic.

The included backpack-style case makes it easy to transport and protect your trumpet during your travels.

With its standard mouthpiece, the Bb and C Trumpet EASTMAN 560 S is ready to play right out of the case.

Offering a unique combination of versatility, precise tuning, and exceptional sound quality, this trumpet is an ideal choice for ambitious amateurs looking to explore new musical possibilities and push the boundaries of their performance.