RATH R100 Bb Tenor Trombone

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The RATH R100 Bb Tenor Trombone is an excellent choice for intermediate musicians seeking a quality instrument. Featuring meticulous design and outstanding responsiveness, this trombone offers a balanced sound and great ease of play for an enriching musical experience.

The RATH R100 Bb Tenor Trombone is a top-choice instrument, crafted with care and expertise in Taiwan and England. Equipped with a 0.500 inch (12.70 mm) bore, it delivers precise response and great flexibility in playing.

Its 7.5 inch (190.5 mm) yellow brass bell produces a rich and warm sound, while the nickel-plated steel slide ensures optimal fluidity during glissandos. The yellow brass tuning slide allows for precise adjustments of the instrument.

The fixed leadpipe guarantees increased stability and accuracy in note execution. The construction of this trombone is simply remarkable, flawless, and its finish is impeccable.

In terms of sound performance, the RATH R100 stands out with its exceptional projection, generous sound amplitude, and ability to produce a wide range of tonal colors. Its sound efficiency is simply monstrous.

However, it should be noted that its durability over time is average. Although built with high-quality materials, it requires regular maintenance to maintain its optimal performance.

Whether you are a student in search of a quality intermediate trombone or a professional musician looking for a reliable and high-performing instrument, the RATH R100 will meet your needs. Its combination of meticulous craftsmanship, solid technical features, and exceptional sound quality makes it an indispensable choice.