SCHAGERL Caracas C Trumpet

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The SCHAGERL Caracas C Trumpet is ideal for students and passionate amateurs. This professional trumpet from the Intercontinental series offers good quality at an affordable price. The Caracas is a true high-level instrument, precisely designed by Schagerl. Its brilliant sound and powerful projection make this C trumpet a highly appreciated choice.

The SCHAGERL Caracas C Trumpet is the perfect choice for beginners looking to start playing in C with a quality instrument. Made in Taiwan, it offers solid and reliable construction. Its 123 mm rose brass bell provides a warm and pleasant sound. The rose brass leadpipe is available in two diameters, 11.70 mm (ML) or 11.82 mm (L), offering playing flexibility tailored to individual preferences.

Delivered with a Schagerl Luxe case, this trumpet ensures optimal protection during transport. Its affordable price makes it an attractive choice for beginner musicians, without compromising on sound quality and playability.

Among its advantages, its lightweight price allows beginner C trumpet players to equip themselves with a quality instrument without breaking the bank. The included Schagerl Luxe case is not only superb but also very practical, offering secure and easy-to-carry storage.

The SCHAGERL Caracas C Trumpet also stands out for its fine sound color, ideal for solo performances or concerts. Its rich and balanced sound allows musicians to express themselves with expressiveness and musicality.

However, it should be noted that the Caracas's finish is slightly behind Schagerl's "handmade" range. While it offers good performance, it may not be entirely suitable for playing in an orchestra or large ensemble, where a more powerful projection may be necessary.