YAMAHA Xeno YTR 8335 R II Bb Trumpet

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The YAMAHA Xeno YTR-8335R Bb Trumpet is a technical and high-performing instrument that offers a comfortable playing experience. With advanced design, it features a reverse leadpipe system, providing ideal resistance and optimal playability. The one-piece yellow brass bell and 11.65 mm ML bore contribute to its unique sound.

The YTR-8335R trumpet stands out with several technical enhancements. The 'Heavy' type leadpipe delivers a sound that is both bright and warm, while the new tapered bell (YL3) optimizes resistance and facilitates the high register. The lightweight piston design ensures quick action, and adjustments to the valve casing angles and piston linkage improve response and control of resistance.

Additional adjustment features include a first valve slide button for better resistance control and an extended main water key chimney for overall resistance optimization.

The instrument comes with a new double case in black artificial leather, providing optimal protection and compartments for two trumpets. It also has a large exterior pocket for accessories or sheet music.

The YTR-8335R's advantages lie in its impeccable Japanese craftsmanship, the precision of its reverse leadpipe suited for orchestral performance, and its perfect adjustment ensuring excellent intonation.

However, some aspects could be improved. The trumpet may have a slightly flat sound, lacking timbre and richness compared to the competition. Additionally, the sound projection may be less powerful than other models.