STOMVI Titan Rotary Trumpet

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The Stomvi Titan Rotary Valve Trumpet is a superb instrument, especially in C ! Its impressive 100% Spanish craftsmanship makes it a rare and exceptional choice. With its remarkable sound and quality construction, this trumpet offers an unparalleled musical experience.

The Stomvi Titan Rotary Valve Trumpet is a gem of Spanish craftsmanship. Carefully made in Spain, it offers exceptional quality. With a bore of 0.465 inches (11.8 mm), this trumpet allows for a quick and precise response. The handmade #3 and #5 leadpipes offer a rich and balanced sound.

The 5.12-inch (130 mm) bell provides powerful projection and a brilliant sound. The rotary valves, also made in Spain, guarantee optimal playability. The yellow brass body imparts an incomparable warmth to the sound.

Thanks to its meticulous construction and high-quality components, the Stomvi Titan Rotary Valve Trumpet is a reliable and durable instrument. Its ergonomic design provides optimal playing comfort, allowing musicians to express themselves fully.

Whether for soloists, orchestral musicians, or passionate amateurs, the Stomvi Titan Rotary Valve Trumpet is an essential choice. Its excellent projection, intonation, and versatility make it suitable for all styles of music.