BACH AC 190 Artisan C Trumpet

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The BACH Artisan C Trumpet represents the pinnacle of Bach's craftsmanship. Featuring a hand-hammered bell, it offers exceptional build quality. This model will delight the most demanding musicians with its attention to detail and remarkable sound.

The AC 190 Artisan model is the first in this series, showcasing the vintage look and sound characteristic of the BACH brand.

Made in the USA, this trumpet features a .462" (11.74 mm) large bore and a 4 13/16" (122.24 mm) hand-hammered one-piece bell with a flat rim. The leadpipe has been modified to enhance sound performance. Two sets of brass/nylon valve guides are included for customized adaptation.

Monel pistons, the 1st slide thumb saddle, and Deluxe engraving add to the instrument's quality and aesthetics. The trumpet comes without a mouthpiece but includes a Deluxe Double Case (C190DBL) for optimal protection.

The AC 190 is a top-tier, fully handmade instrument. Each trumpet is a unique piece, hand-hammered with meticulous attention to detail.

Among the advantages of the BACH AC 190 Artisan Trumpet, we find a significantly improved finish compared to the Stradivarius series. This instrument truly stands out from the Stradivarius range with its distinctive sound character and beautiful sound projection. Its remarkable sound amplitude makes it a high-performing choice for orchestral playing.

However, some points need attention. The instrument's finish may deteriorate over time, as often seen with Bach trumpets. It is therefore recommended to opt for the silver-plated finish for better durability. In terms of sound, the AC 190 Trumpet does not offer significant breakthroughs compared to Stradivarius models, and its timbre and development capacity may be lacking. The provided case, although beautiful, can be impractical in some situations. Additionally, the sound intonation can be inconsistent due to variable build quality.

The BACH AC 190 Artisan offers a vintage aesthetic and remarkable build quality. While it has some areas for improvement, its excellent finish, distinctive sound, and orchestral performance make it an exceptional choice for musicians seeking a high-end instrument.