JUPITER JBC 1000 Bass Clarinet

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Check out the JUPITER JBC 1000 bass clarinet, a top-quality instrument for demanding musicians. With its rich and deep sound, this clarinet will captivate you during your performances. The JUPITER JBC 1000 bass clarinet is a high-quality instrument, perfect for serious amateur musicians looking to get started without breaking the bank.

Made in Taiwan with a Boehm system and a Bb pitch, this clarinet features a one-piece silver-plated nickel silver neck and a two-piece ABS resin body that can be easily disassembled with a metal ferrule.

The mechanics, bell, and low E lever are nickel-plated nickel silver, with resonance chimneys in the bell and conical chimneys.

The Eb/Bb and B/F# keys are smoothed, with an adjustable twelfth key and thumb rest, as well as an adjustable peg and blued steel springs.

The mouthpiece, ligature, and mouthpiece cap are included with the clarinet, along with other accessories.

This JUPITER JBC 1000 bass clarinet offers a very comfortable playing experience, thanks to its excellent keywork and quality finish. The sound quality is superb, with a deep and well-rounded tone.

However, it's worth noting that the keywork may require regular maintenance to maintain its long-term performance.

Despite this, the JUPITER JBC 1000 bass clarinet remains a solid choice for serious amateur musicians looking to invest in a high-quality instrument at an affordable price.