YAMAHA YTS 480 Tenor Saxophone

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The YAMAHA YTS 480 Tenor Saxophone is a high-end instrument designed for demanding musicians. With a warm and expressive tone, it offers great precision in the notes and excellent response in all registers. Its construction in gold brass gives it great durability and increased longevity.

The YAMAHA YTS-480 tenor saxophone is a professional quality instrument suitable for enthusiasts and students. It offers an impressive sound and great playing flexibility, thanks to its separate guards. The ergonomics, ease of playing, and intonation are excellent, providing a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.

Developed based on the popular YAS/YTS-475 models, the YTS-480 tenor saxophone features several significant improvements. Its new low Bb key connection allows for more precise tuning and greater stability of the low Bb, while its new octave key system is taken from the professional 62 models, allowing for the use of custom necks for further customization.

The YAMAHA YTS-480 tenor saxophone is made in Indonesia, with a specific engraving hand-engraved on the bell, which adds a "professional" touch. Its left-hand spatula (Bb) has been designed to facilitate playing and achieve more comfort, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

The separate guards of the YAMAHA YTS-480 tenor saxophone are equipped with adjustable stop screws, making it easier to adjust the key height, as in professional models. Its neck, inspired by the professional 62 model, allows for greater projection and volume while maintaining a slight resistance for the sound color.

In summary, the YAMAHA YTS-480 tenor saxophone offers professional sound quality, exceptional ergonomics and ease of playing, as well as advanced customization with the use of custom necks. Although its price is considered high, it is well justified by the quality of the instrument. If you are looking for a professional quality tenor saxophone for your daily practice or music studies, the Yamaha YTS-480 is a safe and reliable choice.