BG Clarinet and Alto Saxophone Swab A32

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A washable microfiber swab for B-flat clarinet or Alto saxophone with a lead inserted in a satin polyamide tubular ribbon.

The BG swab for B-flat clarinet or Alto saxophone A32 is a useful accessory for cleaning and maintaining your clarinet. Designed using a highly absorbent microfiber, this swab is capable of deep cleaning the interior of your instrument while avoiding the risks of scratches.

The tubular ribbon with inserted leads helps keep the swab securely in place and facilitates its passage through the different tubes of your clarinet. The microfiber material used for this swab is machine washable and has a lifespan of over 5 years, making it an economical and ecological choice.

This swab is also environmentally friendly as it does not contain any chemicals. Additionally, the microfiber used does not lint, allowing you to clean your instrument without leaving any residue.

By regularly using this clarinet swab, you can help maintain your instrument in good condition and prolong its lifespan. It is recommended to regularly clean the interior of your clarinet to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, which can affect the quality of your sound and your playing experience.