BG Alto Flute Swab A32AF

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The BG Swab for Alto Flute A32AF offers precise and effective cleaning of your instrument. Its technical design ensures optimal removal of moisture and residues, thus preserving the sound quality of your alto flute.

The BG Swab for Alto Flute A32AF is designed with high-quality materials to ensure optimal cleaning of your instrument. Made of washable microfiber, it offers strong absorption capacity to effectively remove moisture and residues from inside your flute. The satin polyamide tubular ribbon is equipped with two metal leads to facilitate the passage of the swab through the instrument.

The microfiber used in this swab is lint-free and requires no chemicals for its maintenance. Moreover, it is combined with bamboo and silk, giving it great softness and a unique touch.

This swab is specially designed for G flutes, alto flutes, and recorders. It is ideal for cleaning the body of the instrument. Its lifespan is estimated at over 5 years, making it a durable and economical choice.

For maintenance, simply machine wash it at 30°C in a protective net.

Opt for the BG Swab for Alto Flute A32AF and enjoy effective cleaning while preserving the quality and longevity of your instrument.