PEARL Cantabile 8800 RE Flute

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The PEARL Cantabile 8800 RE flute is a favored choice among discerning musicians. With its precise mechanism and warm tone, it offers a refined musical experience and great expressiveness.

The PEARL Cantabile 8800 RE flute is a true gem of Japanese craftsmanship.

Handmade in Japan, it embodies excellence and precision.

Featuring a solid silver body and 925‰ solid silver mechanisms, it provides a perfect blend of beauty and sound quality.

The pointed key arms and drawn tone holes ensure a quick and accurate response.

Thanks to the Pearl Pinless technology and the One-Piece Core-Bar, the mechanics of this flute are exceptionally reliable and flexible.

The forte headjoint allows for better breath control and increased expressiveness.

The advantages of this flute are numerous. Its meticulous finish makes it a visually appealing instrument, while its robust and efficient mechanism ensures optimal playability. Its woody and velvety sound offers a rich and captivating sonic palette. Moreover, its unbeatable price makes it an ideal choice for musicians seeking a high-quality instrument at an affordable cost.

However, it's important to note that the sound projection of the Cantabile 8800 RE might be inferior to some competing models such as the Sankyo or Muramatsu flutes.

Every musician will therefore need to check and adjust their playing accordingly to achieve the best results.

The PEARL Cantabile 8800 RE flute combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship, manufacturing quality, and advanced technical features. It's an ideal choice for flutists looking to explore new musical possibilities with a beautiful and efficient instrument.