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The MIYAZAWA PB 202 Flute with the simplified Brögger system is the ideal choice for adult amateurs and experienced students. Enjoy smooth playability and exceptional sound to express your musical passion.

The MIYAZAWA PB-202 model features the Brögger system, a revolutionary innovation in this price range. This pinless mechanism allows for a responsive and precise key action, offering exceptional playability. Made in Japan, this flute has a solid silver headjoint and open-hole keys, providing a beautiful, velvety, and round tone. With its concert mechanism and inline keys, the PB-202 is the instrument of choice for many experienced flutists.

MIYAZAWA's passion for new technologies is reflected in the precision of the mechanics and the integration of the Brögger system. Additionally, the new MZ10 headjoint significantly enhances the instrument's sound quality. MIYAZAWA flutes are globally recognized for their perfection and are used by many professionals.

However, there are some areas for improvement. The sound of the PB-202 may lack projection, which can make it slightly covered. Also, the playability might be slightly inferior compared to higher-end models such as Muramatsu's EX3 or Sankyo's CF201.

The MIYAZAWA PB-202 is an ideal choice for adult amateurs and experienced students looking for a high-quality instrument offering a beautiful tone and efficient playability