STOMVI Elite F/G Trumpet

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The STOMVI Elite F/G Trumpet is an essential choice for musicians seeking superb sound quality and unbeatable value. With meticulous craftsmanship and perfect intonation, this trumpet offers a rewarding playing experience, whether in chamber music or as a soloist.

The STOMVI Elite F/G Trumpet perfectly embodies the excellence of the brand's craftsmanship. Made entirely in Spain, it boasts exceptional finishing that reflects meticulous attention to detail. This trumpet provides an unparalleled playing experience thanks to its remarkable technical features.

With its M-sized body and Medium Small bore (approx. 0.453 inches), this trumpet is designed to offer precise response and optimal playability. The yellow brass bells, available in standard weights and detachable, allow for adjustments in sound timbre and projection according to the musician's preferences.

The M bell is specifically designed for the F register, providing a rich and balanced sound. The MS bell is suited for the G register, offering dynamic response and powerful projection.

This trumpet offers perfect intonation and precise tuning, making it an ideal choice for professional musicians and discerning enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design and balanced weight ensure optimal playing comfort, allowing musicians to fully express themselves.

Whether in chamber music, orchestra, or solo performance, the STOMVI Elite F/G Trumpet stands out with its exceptional sound quality, reliability, and unbeatable value. It embodies the tradition and innovation of the STOMVI brand, offering musicians an unforgettable musical experience.