STOMVI Master Piccolo Trumpet

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The STOMVI Master Piccolo Trumpet is a true technological marvel offering extraordinary performance.

With a bore size of 0.450 inches (11.43 mm), it guarantees easy emission for a piccolo trumpet.

Its two bells, available in gold-plated and solid silver, both in size M, allow for distant and centered projection, offering a brilliant and captivating sound.

Optionally, a titanium finish with titanium valves further enhances the response and reduces the weight of the instrument.

Crafted in Spain, it boasts high-level mechanics and finish, making it a superb trumpet.

Its rich and bright sound makes it an ideal choice for soloists, while the two standard bells allow it to adapt to all concert halls.

However, the ring on the third slide can be uncomfortable and may need to be revised.

This Master Piccolo is an exceptional instrument offering remarkable sound quality and playability.