STOMVI S1 Bb Trumpet

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The S1 Trumpet is renowned for its playability and remarkable consistency. This instrument is specifically designed for students and young beginners, offering an enjoyable musical experience and facilitating learning.

The S1 Trumpet is a technical and versatile instrument, providing a crisp response and an open sound. Made in Spain, it stands out for its exemplary finish and impressive features.

With an ML bore and a 4.88-inch (124 mm) yellow brass bell, this trumpet offers precise intonation and a remarkable sound. The monel pistons ensure smooth action, while the thumb saddle on the first slide and adjustable ring on the third slide make tuning adjustments easier.

The high-quality silver plating (1000‰) gives this trumpet an elegant and durable finish. Its first-rate construction and finish allow it to age exceptionally well without losing its qualities.

The S1 Trumpet's sound identity is a true asset, offering powerful projection, bright timbre, and well-balanced clarity. Even as a student trumpet, it delivers a unique sound character that will delight beginners and help them develop their musicality.

However, some aspects can be improved: the compact case of the trumpet may be less practical in terms of storage and transport. It is also important to note that the S1 Trumpet is better suited for young musicians and students, considering its range level.