YAMAHA YFH 8310 Z Flugelhorn

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The YAMAHA YFH 8310 Z Flugelhorn is a traditionally designed instrument offering excellent ergonomics. With its quality finish and precise playability, it represents an ideal choice for professional performances and recordings.

The YAMAHA YFH-6310Z Flugelhorn is an innovative instrument, designed with a brand-new design based on the famous professional Bobby Shew flugelhorn. Made in Japan, it embodies Yamaha's craftsmanship excellence, with high-level technical features and impeccable finishing.

This flugelhorn is equipped with a 150 mm (5.9 inch) diameter yellow brass bell, offering rich resonance and precise response. Its 10.5 mm (0.413 inch) bore allows for easy articulation and impeccable intonation. Thanks to its medium weight, it offers a good balance during holding and handling of the instrument.

One of the major advantages of this flugelhorn is its meticulous construction, showcasing Japanese expertise. Every detail is carefully crafted to ensure optimal quality. Its perfect finish is a guarantee of durability and aesthetics, with particular attention paid to every aspect of the instrument.

In terms of playability, the YAMAHA YFH-6310Z stands out for its ability to produce a clear and precise sound. Its excellent ergonomics allow for a natural grip, promoting a smooth and comfortable playing technique. Whether you are a professional musician or an enthusiastic amateur, you will appreciate the responsiveness of this instrument and its ability to adapt to different musical styles.

However, it is important to note that the sound projection of the YFH-6310Z may be considered less powerful than that of other professional-level flugelhorns. While its tonality is interesting and pleasant, it may not suit musicians who are looking for a more expansive and impactful sound projection.