STOMVI Elite Flugelhorn

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The STOMVI Elite Flugelhorn is an exceptional instrument cherished by passionate musicians. With its warm and round sound, it offers a captivating musical experience. Featuring quality construction and fine finishes, this flugelhorn embodies excellence and ensures optimal playability.

The STOMVI Elite Flugelhorn is a versatile instrument, ideal for various musical groups such as bands, classical ensembles, quintets, or chamber music. With its Bellflex bell, it delivers a warm, round, and bright sound, perfectly suited for jazz and variety music. Made in Spain, it benefits from high-quality construction and impeccable finishes.

This flugelhorn is equipped with a standard trigger, facilitating transitions between notes. Its Small body size and Medium-Large bore provide a rich and full sound, despite its compactness. It also offers a surprising sound volume, exceeding expectations for an instrument of this size.

The red copper bell adds an extra dimension to the sound, offering an exceptionally warm, round, and full timbre. The finish and build quality of the STOMVI Elite Flugelhorn are of the highest level, ensuring a pleasant and professional musical experience.

However, it's important to note that due to its compact design, the STOMVI Elite Flugelhorn may not offer as much volume and sound power as a more traditional American-style flugelhorn. This should be considered based on personal preferences and the musical context in which the instrument will be used.