S.E SHIRES Custom TBBSCA Bass Trombone

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The S.E. SHIRES Custom TBBSCA Bass Trombone offers the best in its class. Featuring a clear and pure sound, this versatile instrument combines the consistency, playability, and projection that have made S.E. Shires trombones favorites among professionals worldwide.

S.E. Shires stands out for its artisanal and meticulous crafting of each trombone in its Massachusetts factory. This approach ensures exceptional sound quality, offering musicians an unmatched tonal palette. S.E. Shires' professional trumpets and trombones are custom-designed to meet the varied needs of musicians in terms of physical characteristics, playing styles, and ideals.

The Custom Bass Trombone embodies this versatility with a clear, pure, and consistent sound, paired with exceptional playability and projection that have made S.E. Shires a sought-after brand by professionals globally. Its BII 7YM bell offers quick response, a centered playing feel, and an expansive timbre. The yellow brass bell produces a balanced, flexible, and rich sound across the dynamic range.

The independently used Thayer rotors provide an exceptional openness in the lower registers. Made in the USA, the Custom Bass Trombone features a B62 yellow brass and nickel silver slide, a BYB yellow brass tuning slide, and three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes.

The BII 7YM yellow brass bell is hand-hammered in two pieces and features an artisanal Shires engraving with a floral pattern. The lacquered finish adds an aesthetic touch. The instrument comes with a case and a Shires mouthpiece.

The slide of the Custom Bass Trombone offers exceptional fluidity thanks to well-designed mechanics. Its immediate response allows the musician to express themselves with ease in all registers. The entirely handmade construction ensures a quality assembly. The magnificent sound of this instrument is often considered one of the best in the S.E. Shires range.

The Custom Bass Trombone offers significant playing freedom and can be customized according to the musician's preferences. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to different musical styles. It is worth noting that the price of this instrument corresponds to its exceptional quality. However, it is important to consider that the lacquered finish can be relatively delicate and requires special attention.