MIRAPHONE M5050 Ambassador Euphonium

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The MIRAPHONE M5050 Ambassador Euphonium is a splendid instrument and the undisputed benchmark of euphoniums. With its exceptional build quality and rich sound, it stands at the pinnacle. Equipped with a 3+1 compensating system, it offers precise and enjoyable play. An unmatched choice for demanding musicians.

The Miraphone M5050 Ambassador euphonium is an exceptional instrument, combining unparalleled technical qualities and impeccable finishes. Made with the musician's comfort in mind, this top-choice model boasts numerous advantages.

The M5050 euphonium stands out with its quick response and easy playability, providing a pleasant and smooth playing experience. Its versatility allows it to excel in various musical registers. With its large bell measuring approximately 12.2 inches (310 mm), it embodies the undeniable quality of Miraphone.

This model is equipped with 4 valves (3 right/1 left), including water keys on the 1st and 3rd valves for easy maintenance. It also features a lyre screw and an ergonomically designed grip for the 4th valve, ensuring optimal comfort during play.

The M5050 euphonium is the result of Miraphone's craftsmanship and expertise, a brand known for the quality and reliability of its instruments. Its manufacturing in Germany guarantees artisanal excellence and great durability.

Whether you are a professional musician or an enthusiastic amateur, the M5050 Ambassador euphonium will meet all your expectations. Its rich sound, precision, and exceptional projection make it an ideal choice for soloists, ensembles, and orchestras.

With its elegant design and outstanding performance, the M5050 euphonium is a sound investment for demanding musicians. It embodies the quintessence of Miraphone's art and will allow you to express your musicality with subtlety and expressiveness.