MIRAPHONE 1258 A Euphonium

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The MIRAPHONE 1258 A Euphonium is recognized as one of the easiest instruments to play in our time. Its cutting-edge mechanics and impeccable finish make it an essential choice for demanding musicians. Enjoy our exceptional promotion: a silver-plated price for the cost of lacquer! Equipped with a 3+1 compensating system, this euphonium offers an unparalleled musical experience.

The Miraphone 1258A euphonium, available in silver-plated or lacquered finish, offers a beautiful tone and exceptional playing comfort. Versatile, it is suitable for a wide range of repertoires and will appeal to all musicians.

With a bell of approximately 11.4 inches (290 mm), a brass body, and nickel silver mechanics, this Miraphone euphonium stands out for its elegance and numerous technical qualities. Its harmonious and rich sounds are paired with impeccable finishes, offering a remarkable value for money.

Compared to major euphonium brands, the Miraphone 1258A stands out with its fine and dark sound, unlike traditional euphoniums that generally produce a large and clear sound.

The 1258A model has a bore of 0.61 inches (15.5 mm) and a 0.64-inch (16.2 mm) tube at the 4th slide, allowing for the most perfect sound timbre for playing in Brass Bands or as a soloist. The 'Top Action' pistons provide optimal playing comfort.

Made in Germany, this euphonium is equipped with 4 valves (3+1), nickel silver trim, 2 water keys, a gold brass leadpipe, and an 11.4-inch (290 mm) bell. It embodies German excellence in wind instruments.