BESSON New Standard Serie 3+1 BE165 Euphonium

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The BESSON New Standard Series 3+1 BE165 Euphonium is the ideal instrument for beginners of all ages. Equipped with 3 valves and an additional fourth valve, it offers great ease of play and a balanced sound. This euphonium is designed to accompany musicians from their very first steps in the world of music.

Besson's 1000 Series euphoniums are the perfect choice for beginner musicians looking to start learning the euphonium. With their 3+1 valves and B♭ tuning, these instruments provide an excellent foundation for developing skills and musical talent.

Precision-engineered, the 1000 Series euphoniums from Besson offer remarkable ease of play. Their valve mechanism is both quick and quiet, allowing for smooth note execution. Musicians will also appreciate the comfortable feel of the mouthpiece and the ease of finger manipulation on the keys.

Thanks to their rich, warm, and centered tone, these euphoniums produce a pleasant and harmonious sound. Musicians can explore a wide range of nuances and expressions while maintaining a consistent response across all registers. Whether playing solo, in an ensemble, or in an orchestra, these instruments offer exceptional versatility.

The euphoniums in the Besson 1000 Series are carefully manufactured in China, undergoing rigorous quality control to ensure optimal performance. Their sturdy and durable construction makes them reliable companions for budding musicians.