YAMAHA YBH 301 Baritone Saxhorn

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The YAMAHA YBH 301 Baritone Saxhorn offers impeccable tuning and perfect adjustment, ideal for beginners. Ready to play from the first use, it guarantees a quality musical experience.

The Yamaha YBH-301 Baritone Saxhorn combines quality and performance. With a design similar to the high-end YBH-621 model, it shares many exceptional sound characteristics. Made in China, it features a yellow brass body that ensures a rich and warm sound.

Thanks to its three fast-action pistons, the YBH-301 offers ease of use and quick response, making it an ideal choice for beginners. The tuning accuracy of this instrument is excellent, allowing musicians to play with precision and confidence.

The bell, with a diameter of 8.32 inches (approximately 211.4 mm), contributes to sound projection, offering excellent projection in various musical situations. The bore size of 0.503 inches (approximately 12.8 mm) ensures a smooth response and flexibility in interpretation.

The YBH-301 also comes with ergonomic piston buttons for comfortable play. Its robust and well-constructed body guarantees long-term durability.

Whether for music students or passionate amateurs, the YBH-301 is a reliable and affordable choice. Its value for money is excellent, offering professional-level performance at an accessible price.

The Yamaha YBH-301 is a versatile and high-performing instrument. Its careful design, impeccable tuning, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for musicians of all levels. With its rich and warm sound, it is ready to accompany you in your musical performances.