BESSON Prestige 2056 Baritone Saxhorn

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The BESSON Prestige 2056 Baritone Saxhorn is the instrument of choice for professionals and brass band enthusiasts. With its rich and compact sound, precision, and focused play, it pushes the boundaries of performance. The Prestige 2056 embodies excellence and the art of brass band music.

The Besson Prestige 2056 baritone is a remarkable instrument, cherished by professionals and brass band enthusiasts. Its advanced technical design offers extended possibilities for demanding musicians.

Equipped with a compensating system of 4 valves (3 + 1), the Prestige 2056 allows exploration of an extended chromatic range, reaching up to 5 octaves, thus offering exceptional flexibility for musical performances. Traditionally challenging notes become more accessible through the use of the 4th valve and finger placement.

Despite its weight similar to the Sovereign baritone, the Prestige 2056 offers a distinctive, centered tone. Its lively and vibrant texture allows baritone soloists and brass band musicians to express the versatility and possibilities offered by this exceptional instrument.

Carefully crafted in Germany, the Prestige 2056 baritone combines quality manufacturing and remarkable performance. The bore of 0.543 inches (13.80 mm) and the bell diameter of 9.49 inches (241 mm) contribute to the precise sound projection and tonal clarity of this prestigious instrument.

Whether for virtuoso solos, ensemble performances, or professional recordings, the Besson Prestige 2056 meets the demands of the most discerning musicians. Its rich sound, pitch precision, and ease of play make this instrument an essential choice for brass band enthusiasts worldwide.

Dive into the captivating sound world of the Prestige 2056 baritone and explore new musical possibilities, pushing the limits of your expressiveness and creativity. Experience an exceptional instrument that reveals the beauty and power of brass band music.