YAMAHA YAH 803 NEO Alto Saxhorn

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The Yamaha YAH 803 alto saxhorn is an exceptional model from the NEO range, offering fabulous intonation. Perfect for demanding musicians in search of impeccable sound quality.

The Yamaha YAH-803 NEO alto saxhorn features a new bell design with a one-piece copper bell, providing an enhanced dynamic range and warm tones. The tubes are solidly assembled, improving the richness and power of the sound. The tuning slide has been improved for better sound, tone, and playability, offering an easier playing experience, even at dynamic extremes.

This instrument is made in Japan and includes 3 valves, a bell of 8.27 inches, a bore of 0.468 inches, and is made of yellow brass. Its key is in E-flat and it comes with a 38D4 mouthpiece and a molded Neo hard case.

The Yamaha YAH-803 NEO alto saxhorn embodies Yamaha technology with perfect tuning for impeccable intonation. It offers a true brass band sound while remaining homogeneous and flexible.

However, it should be noted that the provided case, although sturdy, may be impractical. Additionally, some musicians have observed a slight lack of depth in the sound.

Despite these aspects, the Yamaha YAH-803 NEO alto saxhorn remains a quality choice for musicians looking for a high-performance instrument with excellent intonation and a rich sound.