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The YAMAHA YFB-621 F Tuba offers rapid response and precise intonation, ideal for demanding musicians. With its 3/4 size and 4 pistons + 1 rotary valve, it guarantees an exceptional playing experience.

The YAMAHA YFB-621 F Tuba is a high-quality instrument offering quick response and accurate intonation. Its meticulous design and artisanal construction ensure a warm sound rich in harmonics, with excellent sound projection.

Made in Japan, this tuba is a testament to Yamaha's craftsmanship and expertise. It features a 3/4 size, making it more compact and manageable than traditional F tubas. This makes it an ideal choice for musicians seeking a lighter and easier-to-play instrument.

The YFB-621 is equipped with 4 pistons and a rotary valve, providing great flexibility and ease of use. The pistons are designed for smooth and precise action, allowing the musician to express themselves with ease and accuracy. The rotary valve expands the playing possibilities, enabling exploration of different nuances and musical expressions.

The 14.41 inches (366 mm) bell ensures exceptional sound projection, allowing the tuba's sound to spread with power and clarity. The 0.689/0.728 inches (17.5/18.5 mm) bore offers an ideal balance between ease of playing and tonal control, enabling the musician to produce a well-balanced and homogeneous sound across the instrument's range.

Whether for solo practice or within an ensemble, the YAMAHA YFB-621 F Tuba is a reliable and versatile choice. Its build quality, accurate intonation, and playing comfort make it a preferred instrument for demanding musicians.