MELTON 2250 Next Generation F Tuba

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The MELTON 2250 Next Generation F Tuba is an instrument of choice for demanding musicians. With its 4 pistons and rotary valve, it offers great flexibility and a powerful sound. Equipped with a 6/4 size, it ensures optimal sound projection.

The MELTON 2250 Next Generation F Tuba is a top-quality instrument, made in Germany. Specially designed for professional musicians, it delivers exceptional performance.

With its 6/4 size, it boasts a remarkable span and sound projection.

The MELTON 2250 is equipped with 4 solid pistons, offering increased precision and durability. Additionally, it features a rotary valve, allowing for great flexibility in playing.

The bore of the tuba measures 0.748/0.807 inches (19/20.5 mm), providing a quick response and excellent intonation. The bell, with a diameter of 17.32 inches (44 cm), produces a rich and warm sound, characteristic of yellow brass instruments.

At a height of 35.24 inches (89.5 cm), the MELTON 2250 is ergonomic and comfortable to play. Its meticulous design and artisanal craftsmanship make it a high-quality instrument.

Whether for solo performances, ensembles, or orchestras, the MELTON 2250 meets the highest demands of professional tubists. Its powerful sound, exceptional projection, and precision make it an indispensable choice for the most demanding musicians.