YAMAHA YEB 201 Eb Tuba

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The YAMAHA YEB 201 Eb Tuba, a student model, offers smooth playability and perfect intonation. Ideal for students looking to advance in their musical education.

The YAMAHA YEB-201 Eb Tuba is a student instrument that delivers a rich and powerful sound.

Made in China, it is designed for easy playability and ensures perfect intonation.

Equipped with 3 valves and a bell of 15.2 inches (386 mm), it is suitable for learning musicians.

Its design and construction make it an affordable choice for students seeking a quality tuba. The 0.69 inch (17.5 mm) bore allows for precise response and optimal sound projection.

Whether for music classes at school or rehearsals with an ensemble, the YEB-201 tuba meets the demands of young tubists by offering a pleasant and encouraging playing experience. Its balanced weight and comfortable handling make it an ideal choice for students who wish to progress in their musical practice.

With its fine finish and durability, this tuba is ready to accompany musicians on their musical learning journey.

Whether you are beginning your musical journey or looking for a quality instrument for your studies, the YAMAHA YEB-201 is a reliable and high-performing option.