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The MIRAPHONE 88 C Tuba is an instrument of excellence, offering a magnificent sound color. Featuring a 4/4 size and 5 quick-action rotary valves, it ensures high precision and optimal response. Appreciated by demanding musicians, this instrument combines quality and performance.

The MIRAPHONE 88 C Tuba is the result of Miraphone's continuous improvement efforts. Drawing inspiration from their existing range, Miraphone has reimagined the 88, focusing on the bell rim, valves, and body stability. The result is a total success!

The 450 mm (approximately 17.7 inches) rose copper bell delivers a fantastic sound, even surpassing that of the model 86. Whether playing solo or in an orchestra, you will be captivated by the exceptional sound it produces.

The 88 is equipped with 5 quick-action rotary valves, offering precise response and remarkable ease of play. Thanks to its 19.6 mm (about 0.77 inches) bore, it allows for impeccable intonation and optimal sound projection.

Carefully crafted with expertise in Germany, this tuba embodies Miraphone's tradition of quality. Its sturdy construction and reliability make it an ideal choice for professional musicians and demanding enthusiasts.

Whether you're looking for a versatile instrument for concerts, recordings, or solo performances, the MIRAPHONE 88 C Tuba will meet all your expectations. Its beautiful sound, exceptional responsiveness, and robustness make it a reliable and inspiring playing companion.