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The MIRAPHONE 85B C Tuba offers exceptional tonal homogeneity and remarkable ease of play. With its 3/4 size and 5 rotary valves, it meets the expectations of demanding musicians. Its rich timbre and powerful projection make it an ideal choice for solo performances and ensemble play.

The Miraphone 85B (C) is an exceptional tuba that combines finesse, power, and sonic clarity. Featuring a bell diameter of 16.5 inches (420 mm), it delivers outstanding sound projection and rich harmonic depth. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, it embodies Miraphone's craftsmanship and technical precision.

Designed to meet the demands of professional tubists, the 85B (C) offers a homogeneous sound and remarkable ease of play. Its bore size of 0.74 inches (18.8 mm) allows for precise sound control and quick response across all registers. The five rotary valves provide additional flexibility and smoothness, enabling the musician to fully express their musicality.

The silver-plated nickel silver leadpipe contributes to the exceptional sound quality of this instrument. Nickel silver, an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel, provides optimal resonance and excellent sound projection. Moreover, it is durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring the instrument's longevity.

In terms of finish, the Miraphone 85B (C) comes in a lacquered version, which not only protects the instrument from scratches and oxidation but also gives it an elegant and professional aesthetic.

Whether for solos, brass ensembles, or symphony orchestras, the Miraphone 85B (C) is a top choice for discerning tubists. Its excellent intonation, rich sound, and playing comfort make it a versatile instrument, suitable for all repertoires and performance situations.